Creating slices for a contoured model

I’m trying to develop a script which will generate slices which can be stuck over one another to develop a terrain model.

I already have the data for contours in a CAD file.

This is a reference image I’ve taken from Google search.

I have developed a script which will create the slices with two boundary edges to be cut and a dashed reference line for the upper slice. The outer line for the upper piece becomes the dashed lines on the lower piece.

This script involves manual moving of pieces and copy pasting of series of components for every slice. How can I make it more efficient? I have taken just test contour lines in this script.




You will be able to do this using Group to pair contour with dashed lines and then using Orient to lay them out as per your diagram above.

Use a Series to create a list of target planes for the Orient component

I haven’t added the dashed pattern.CONTOUR SLICES (37.3 KB)

It should work with any number of curves.

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Thanks! Works very well!

Thank you!