Sorting curves by plane?

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I’m working on contouring a complex solid with a series of planes

How can y sort my curves by the planes i used to contour in order to orient them grouped by plane number ? And is it possible to tag each curves by plane number ?

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GH definition with internalized data :

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Here the definition with interanlized data…
Hope it works ! (13.3 KB)

Have a look at the attachment. (18.6 KB)

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Instead of using planes to make the section curves, I’d simply use the Contour component and for numbering and nesting them, OpenNest is beneficial, because it distributes them strategically on a predefined sheet.

This saves space and thus manufacturing material.

You can download OpenNest from the Rhino PackageManager or get it on Food4Rhino.

I’ve also merged the co-planar surfaces that make up the bottom of your model, because they produced non-closed, fragmented section curves before. (21.6 KB)

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