Please make MeshOutline escape-able!

If it takes more than 20 seconds I want to cancel it. But I can’t! Can we please make this command escape-able so I’m not forced to decide between killing Rhino and re-doing work from my last save or autosave, and sitting and watching the spinning blue wheel with no ETA?

i would wish that for every other command either which just takes forever and sometimes does never end.

Making MeshOutline run in a cancellable thread is on @GregArden’s “Open” list for V6.

oh cool!

RH-33996 MeshOutline needs to be cancellable

Guys - how hard could it be to get escapable commands implemented??

Just ran into another Rhino freeze on a simple mesh object MeshOutline… took good 10 minutes for Rhino to get responsive again…
It was “Open” for Rhino V6 back in 2016… We passed V7, now I see it is slated for V8. Really?

Esc-cancelable commands are a mixed bag in Rhino now, having this ability is a must and a life-saver on those that have it implemented. Could this get a higher priority please? IMHO this is Rhino’s one of the biggest simple productivity drawbacks. There is probably several RH items open for different commands… So take this as a general comment for allowing Esc to cancel any of Rhino’s processing-intense commands.

thank you



To reply to my own post… here is a good example of why this is needed, at least until the command does not fail on a relatively low-poly mesh (yes, it’s a bit messy).
Here is the example file - for a good Rhino freeze please try running MeshOutline from the Top view:
MeshOutline_Problem.3dm (624.2 KB)

By the way, looks like there are 4 concurrent YT items for the same request, dating from 5 years, 2 years, 6 months and 2 weeks ago…

@GregArden - making sure you are seeing this. Thank you.

EDIT: this sample file took 1.5h to complete MeshOutline on a fast workstation. We would never wait that long if the Esc/Cancel was available but the problem was losing the work done prior to running this command.


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I’ll move it up the priority queue.