Wish: Undo to support ESC

Hi guys, I sometimes do tasks that takes for ever to undo and wonder if Undo could support Escape to break it. If it can please add that to the wish list.

Sometimes undoing stuff that takes a few seconds to do can take minutes to undo and in some of those cases I would like to change my mind and choose a different path :slight_smile:


+1 from me.

I have no idea how feasible this might be.

I fully understand, and it’s a strange wish that only exist since the undo operation can take soo long.
The true wish is a fast undo though :slight_smile:

Just an example of a slow undo:

Cleaning up a DWG from a customer and hitting PURGE to clear out blocks, layers ect is one of those tasks that can make Rhino “freze” for many minutes.

This is often needed just before deadlines to adopt las minute changes so time is of essence. And since we have no indication on how long we should wait then this is one of those scenarios where hitting ESC would be cherished. Or would I save time on terminating Rhino and then do the changes again? I don’t know, but I do know how stressing it is to wait and wait and have no indication on when and IF it is done :slight_smile:

Hope that can cast some light on the topic. (And this is written in such a situation… Rhino is frozen and I have time to sit here and type slowly while frequently looking at Rhio in the background to see if it is done, instead of working efficiently towards deadline.