MergeAllFaces - escape

Please allow us to escape from MergeAllFaces when Rhino hangs on it (as is often the case with all but the simplest of objects).

Also, in general, a user timeout for this kind of command would be good, if it doesn’t complete within x seconds, that it gives up.

Thanks, --Mitch


+1 and add a counter that shows us the progress.

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Thanks, added to the pile-


Hello Pascal,

868 days later…

The youtrack link goes to nowhere.

It is really necessary to be able to cancel the command.
This applies to several other commands, e.g. the booleans.

In case of _MergeAllFaces, a major speed improvement is also welcome.
Very welcome.


oh yeah - plus one on that please.

1766 days later… this is probably the most common command that freezes Rhino over here.
Most of the time waiting for 20-30 minutes saves the work and eventually ends, but could we please have ability to ESC ?
YT link goes nowhere…

Thanks to waiting for it now, I have time to write this post. It’s dangerous…


Hi Jarek - the YT link does go somewhere but you didn’t have access - until now.
@rajaa put it on the 7.x list some number of days ago.

Waiting for an operation while being unsure if it works or not is really no good.
At least a progress should be displayed.
And of course a chance to cancel.

Too bad the YT item is prospected for V7.

Thanks Wim, 7.x is not very exciting outlook for this… considering how long standing of a wish that is (or generally being able to ESC from pretty much any command) and how many/how often users complain about this.