How to render the .obj file with .mtl(or as in the picture)

Hello, so I haven’t been given much information on how to render and I have a problem with my .obj file.
(I read this thread but I don’t get what I’m supposed to do. It says I should have .mtl and .obj file in the same directory and I did, but it still doesn’t work
MTL file in Rhino)

The issue is, I have an .obj that models a horse.
However, as shown in the picture, my render looks very bad and fake.
(the horses on the right is what was advertised and the horse on the left is what turned out on Vray)

It’s clearly not just my lighting, and the horse is missing some texture/details

Clearly, some details are missing(like the skin stretched along its neck, to name one)
The texture seems all wrong and I suspect the .mtl file has something to do with this difference.

I have the .obj and .mtl in the same directory/path as shown below but is there a condition to this?(AV_Horse is my object and I’m suspecting the .mtl or maybe .mdl would fix my issue)

like, not just the same, but in a particular path like under Vray folders or something?

I need someone to tell me step by step; All I did was drag-drop the .obj to Rhino7 which worked, but from there, I couldn’t do much
I tried “open assets” from Vray but they only recognise .vrmat files and not .mtl files
I tried drag-drop .mtl to the horse model .obj in Rhino but it gives me an error message

Sorry to be a noob here but I really am lost and need the horse to look like the actual picture there…how do i do that? what am I missing?Is there a manual/guide I can follow?(Couldn’t find any online…)

Thanks in advance

Hello - it looks like your obj is a lower resolution file and/or there is a detailed texture map that fakes the smaller details. In any case, I think the best course of action is to get on the Vray forums at Chaos Group.


Add a PBR material and add the textures for different channels: base color, roughness, normal, AO, etc.

Should give already much more detailed rendering, already in Rendered mode, also Raytraced.

No doubt V-Ray has also a PBR-style material you can utilize there.

Hi there, much appreciated; the thing is, I don’t really know how to do any of that(what are …“channels”?)

And as much as it would be great if you would kindly guide me through, I imagine it’ll be a hassle to explain everything an write it down.
So would you perhaps kindly direct me to some youtube tutorial or a manual to read( hopefully with diagrams…) so I can do those things?

I don’t know how to add said PBR materials and add textures…

Hello - you’ll need to look in the Help files and so on to get started. PBR is for Physically Based Rendering - Rhino 7 has the ability to use PBR type materials. But if your question is about Vray, you should ask the Vray forum.


what about just simply getting a .mtl file into a rhino model along with its .obj file? Thx

Rhino will automatically import the materials from the .mtl, assuming that both the OBJ and MTL are set up correctly.

Ah, ok, so if they don’t come through together when I Import the .obj (given that they are in the same folder) I can assume they weren’t exported in a way that works with Rhino.

There are many factors that influence the end result, like

  • OBJ file not carrying UV coordinates
  • paths to image files incorrect

This generally means export was not done correctly, indeed.

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If the images and the mtl file are all in the same folder as the obj, I believe Rhino should find them.