Divide Domain Uneven Spacing and Is huddled in one section

I am trying to create a facade for my tower but I am experiencing trouble with dividing the surface using divide domain 2 to create the cells to further develop. any guidance will be appreciated ge (2).gh (24.3 KB)

I am pretty new at Grasshopper, but could you have a polysurface there and not just one surface?

In other words, if it divides up each surface, and one surface is much smaller, then the divisions might be smaller than the large ones.

I don’t know if it is a polysurface or how would i figure that out . because I am sure i made a srfurce between a top curve and bottom curve

Sometimes, Rhino will make a polysurface if it needs to because of acute bends, or if your curve is really a joined a mixture of G0 line segments and G2 and G3 curves.

You can select the object, and check its properties, for the object type. Or you can select the object and type check in the command line. Or you can try selecting only a surface, and see if everything selects. Or safely copy it, and explode the copy, and try selecting bits. If it’s not a polysurface, than it will tell you in the command line that single surfaces cannot be exploded.

If you do have a polysurface, perhaps you could use the original curves for your division process.

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I am quite new to Rhino and this is in Grasshopper

Rhino is a deceptively large program with lots of tools, and Grasshopper is a whole bale of hay on the camel’s back for a new learner.