Please Help! Lofting problems with building facade!


  1. for some reason the lofted surface isn’t following the closed curves of the tower floor plates. I’m pretty sure I selected the bottom and top curves correctly for the surface to loft through, but I’m getting this weird twisty surface that doesn’t follow the curves.

  1. the second problem has to do with connecting the facade to the floor plates. From what I understand, you simply construct a domain to choose what parts of the tower you want to get covered. The problem is that even if i made the domain and selected the floor plates that i wanted to get covered the facade doesn’t completely cover the entire area. So i have gaps between each loft section.

I included my grasshopper file and you can find really big panels to find the problem areas in the code.
I’d really appreciate some help to fix these issues!

A04 - (101.0 KB)

Thank you,
Daniella (confused architecture student)

One way to handle that is Loft ‘O’ (Options) | ‘Align sections’:


that did fix the lofting issue! thanks for the help.
If it’s not too much to ask, I was wondering if you have suggestions for the 2nd issue?

I got lost in your definition, but I hope with this you can work :slight_smile:
A04 - (40.4 KB)

That’s perfect! I really appreciate your help. You really saved my ass!

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