How do I slice a solid into 2" sections then export as a DXF?

I am looking into Rhino for the purpose of only one task. I can get solid models of cars I want to build and they can come in Rhino format. I need to slice cross sections every 2" and then export the profile in a DXF format. This is so I can send it over to the Wood router and cut the shape in plywood then stack the sheets of plywood with spacers and use this as a buck to shape the metal body over. If that makes sense and Rhino is capable of this please let me know how.

Chip Smith
csdilligaf at cox dot net

the ‘contour’ tool maybe what you’re looking for, you can then Make2d all of your slices for outline profiles

Or use ProjectToCPlane to project to a construction plane.

I spent a bit of time looking for these tools but could not find them. I am a newbie. Are they in some layer of tools I am not seeing?

well that*s the beauty of a commandline, just type what you want to do :slight_smile:

the command is under curve -> curve from objects -> contour

OK, Got that far. Now I will work on getting the slices and try to make them into DXF


is also in this toolbar

Once you have the curves make the view where the shape of the curves is visible, type ProjectToCPlane and select the curves. The curves will be projected to a construction plane (ie plane with one of 3D coordinates equal to zero).

You might want to spend a few minutes going through the Getting Started Guide

A short video about the basic interface is at