Lofting probleme

can someone help me to resolve this problem,I tried to build the loft with the most famous grasshopper spell but it didn’t work.


It is impossible for anyone to assist you without more information. (86.9 KB)

Loft won’t work on a set of curves like this:

Off hand, I’m not sure what would. It saddens me that you thought anyone could answer your question without posting your geometry. :man_facepalming:

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in reality what happened is that I modified the post 2 times in the second time I did not notice that I had not put the grasshopper file in the post and without that I know very well that no one will be able to treat it only with the picture.

and concerning the loft I look to create a surface of these curves with another method other than the loft because my experience with grasshopper allows me to know that for this geometry the loft will never work unless there is someone which proves me the opposite

and thank you for your commitment

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How did you create the curves?

Intersection between plan and mesh

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Have you tried QuadRemesh?

Curves 0 through 42 loft OK. After that the curve indices split - 43starts what should be a new loft, but 44 goes back to the 0 - 42 group. After that they alternate between the 2 groups. If you can separate them into those 2 groups you should get close to lofting the whole thing in 2 parts.

I tried that with no luck, though maybe someone wants to play further? See yellow group. If you unflatten those Entwine outputs you will see the bottom and top sections lofted separately. The cyan group explored the idea of closing the gap with a separate surface, which would make the result a pair of polysurfaces, but no joy.

As I wrote this, I thought maybe I should try aligning seams (orange group) but it made do difference at all. I don’t think it’s going to work. QuadRemesh sounds like a good idea to me. (110.6 KB)

Just another example why meshes seem to be black magic to me.

Do you need this to be parametric? Why are you using GH?

Are you trying to convert mesh to NURBS? There is a command for that. Anyways, this can be much easily solved manually than with GH. You could also try the ‘Drape’ command in Rhino.

how can i use it ?

Type QuadRemesh and hit Enter

Maybe you can post a file with the source of your section curves?

Thanks anyway , need more information about QuadRemesh

Try Goggle. You didn’t post the original mesh so…?


vous trouvez ici le mesh et la méthode d’intersection (762.8 KB)

oui le but c’est de creer un atelier grasshopper automatique et paramétrique

What is the advantage of lofting this in GH instead of by hand in Rhino? Do you have many of these models you wish to loft? Keep in mind that if you only provide one example, the grasshopper definition might work only for that one, but not for others, it would break/give an error.

So with the little information you have provided I really have to question the decision of using grasshopper to do this task…

Forget lofting on this geometry. It can be turned into a polysurface much easier with QuadRemesh. (760.0 KB)