Dynamic Redraw (FPS)


I am using Rhino 5 X64 for windows. The “Dynamic Redraw” option was available in Rhino4 under View-> Dynamic Redraw → set frames. This is a vital option for working with large models as it is otherwise extremely difficult to pan around the view. Is there a patch for this or workaround? I am not looking for the boundingbox option, that is last resort.


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I can confirm this is broken in V5 and is on the developer’s list.

John, could you try to let it fix soon. It should be on the list since months. Often missed here too.


Hi, sorry for reviving this old thread but I couldn’t find the info anywhere.

My friend recommended me to change Dynamic Redraw from default 5 to 60 FPS. What is Dynamic Redraw and what does it do?



Hi Jonish -

From the help file:

Dynamic redraw
Frames per second ___
The number of frames per second Rhino will attempt to redraw when zooming or rotating a view.
When you pan, zoom, or rotate a view, the scene is redrawn dynamically. With large models, the dynamic redraw can be very slow.
By default, to make sure the feedback is reasonably fast, Rhino cancels the redraw if necessary. Use these options to control the speed and responsiveness of the views.

Does that help?

Hello Wim, almost!

If I rotate a simple scene, it looks the same no matter if I set it to 1,5 or 60 fps. It definitely doesn’t look like 1 or 5 fps.

Hi Jonish -

In a simple scene, you’ll have to set it to something like 200 to see the effect. That will make the display turn to bounding boxes right away.


Dynamic redraw = threshold for bounding box simplified view!
Now I get it, thanks, Wim!

Made me realize how happy I am working on my private PC. Haven’t seen this bounding box last gasp since covid lockdowns started and I stopped working on my company’s outdated dual Xeon + Quadro wo(r)kstation.