Is the DynamicDisplay broken?

Over here, when enabling the DynamicDisplay (any Display Mode), the edges disappear and turn into bounding boxes, but all shaded geometry still stays. I think it used to hide all and just keep bounding boxes? Otherwise there is not much speed gain now.
( Version 6 SR15 (6.15.19094.18231, 4/4/2019)

Wondering if anyone else is seeing that. thanks-


Hi Jarek - yep, I see this, and I am trying to recall what it used to do in V6 - V5 does not show the shaded part, just the BB.

I’ll go back to 6.13… that shows the shaded stuff as well. I don’t know if there was an official decision to do it this way, I’ll see if I can find out.

It’s a bug… thanks.