Please contact if you are dissatisfied with Rhino

continuing this “discussion” which went down the drain, i would kindly like to speak up once more, against some very unpractical concerns doubts and misunderstandings left out on the table.

to resume and underline the actual essence:
i think its important that you dont confront users who are willing to help you out with bugreports and suggestions with a ridiculous option of returning their licence. you can turn it around as you want, that is pure cynicism which creates unnecessary negativity.

i have not the slightest idea why one even would suggest that to a very active user, who obviously has no ill intention but rather concerns about the product, which is good for the product and good for you to. it makes absolutely no sense trying to piss somebody off who is willing to share time and efforts for this product and no it does not make it easier solving it, it just makes it worse.

now i spoke up sternly against @dan as he represented McNeel who suggested me to contact sales after an absolute civil talk and got an absolute natural and civil response which is no more personal than getting suggested to contact sales, obviously giving back the Rhino licence. so whatever you may think keep it and let it simmer for everybody their own.

i appreciate Rhino for about 10 years including all the ups and downs, but i am not very happy with how people are being treated i dont need any supporters on that, thats my own personal view, and yes if you think one opinion has no value then how much value has 10 times 0? you can wind yourself into believing whatever you want. lock that thread again or contribute in a civil, fair and thoughtful manner, but most of all stop killing each other over nothing.

oh… and if you read the hidden content in the linked topic regarding Siberia, i just noticed that ironically hell went loose there and fire is actually diminishing a huge and important amount of trees in the forests.

I’ve read your post a few times… What is the crux of your concern? That you were offered the option of returning your license after complaining about the software? …really?


of course, but feel free to delete your discourse account if my opinion does not meat your expectations.

It’s not that - there’s no way anyone can resolve your problem if you just want to have a moan about it. There’s nothing productive that can be offered to a blur of text like that…

What do you expect to happen?



i expect very little from this post other than having a moan, that is nearly correct. if people speaking up has no way of resolving anything, i wonder why you responded.

It does… you just need to listen too…


Can you delete this thread? It’s offensive and hostile. And it’s against the good nature of this community.



if you see something missing then be welcomed to add up your infos, but before we go any deeper into bloating this thread with general wisdom, i am not sure if that is very helpful.

i honestly did not expect that anybody will write anything here at all and then you stepped in.

@gustojunk suppressing the need of expression is not a good nature of any community. you can argue that the content may lead astray from the actual purpose of this forum. but since users of rhino are also a part of this community along with all the developers there should be something like a consensus how people treat each other. communication is an interpersonally act of human beings, so yes i regard showing somebody the door who spoke up indeed as a hostile act which has nothing positive to offer even if a bunch of people think so.

who do i contact if someone is deeply in love with rhino? asking for a friend.

i believe those concerned the most about the well being of it, would naturally gather in this forum… which is actually a good point and should make one think. sometimes i am getting the feeling that people are coming to the forum are being taken too much for granted, forgetting that it actually indeed is, at least mostly, the concern which brings them here.