Cant remove license from old computer - formated computer and cant access

Im unable to remove the license from my ‘old’ computer as I had to replace the harddrive. Stupidly I doesnt look as though I placed my student license on the zoo/ cloud option.

How do I move the license to my ‘new’ computers copy of rhino 6?


i had to contact sales and ask them to release the license when i had that issue.

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Ok, seems like that is the only option from what I have been able see from the forums here - hopefully its resolved quickly.

How long did it take you to get a reponse?

a few hours for them to get back to me. :frowning:

ah ok, email?


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thanks - Ill sit tight then and find some other work to do…

np hopefully they get back to you a little quicker than me, i had other stuff to do as well. good luck. that’s who i talked to, sorry i thought i talked to sales