Planter pot with attractor points

I’m trying to create a planter pot like the one in the image below but with a more faded pattern. I did manage to find a helpfull video for a very similar pot but I failed to adapt the script to my own needs. I’m guessing I need to remap the points that make up the ridges of the pattern, but I don’t really know how. I’m also considering to remake the script completely and use surface morph instead, but that may be more challenging. Any piece of advice would be helpfull.

plant pot 3.2- (61.2 KB)
Captură de ecran 2023-03-18 073955

Here’s one way to do something similar with a mesh and using noise to displace the mesh vertices.

It uses the Heteroptera plugin for the noise component and is based on a solution to this discussion for creating this ripple pattern.

You might be able to tweak it to get the effect you want, or at least create some nice planters. (58.6 KB)

While we are on the subject of cool planters, here’s another one that was done with help from this forum, specifically @laurent_delrieu who has since created a plugin of his own called Nautilus which includes the reaction diffusion tools used to create this effect… (42.2 KB)

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@Gabriel11 , I would do as @martynjhogg says and

  1. create a field mapped to a 2d grid, and use these values against the z vector of your surface frames, via eval surface component with same amount of divisions on srf as grid,

or 2. make the field in 3d, simply and eval field at location of control point / frames, use the normal to adjust position, thus first and last or coincident column of points maps continuously around the untrimmed space.

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