Tile pattern. Curve attractor


I’m trying to get a gradient effect for the design of a tile pattern, the effect I look for is like the one you see in the previous image, adapting to the curvature attractor. But it would be with a more organic tile design, like the one in the picture. Would really appreciate the help.

Please post your file.

Tile attractor.gh (17.9 KB)
Tile attractor.3dm (21.9 KB)

Thank you!

Hi @samuelpereira,

Tile attractor 02.gh (13.5 KB)

Thank you! Do you know how to apply it to a non-geometric shape?

You’re welcome!

I’m not sure what you mean by “non-geometric shape”, but if you’re referring to your lower reference image, it also is a modular build. Its modules need to be topologically the same, to make the assembly and production efficient.
If the pattern would be transformed irregularly, stretched, scaled or distorted, all tiles would be individual.

However, if that’s your poison, it could be pretty simply achieved with paneling or morphing your desired geometry to a surface or mesh. There are many examples floating around in this or the old forum.
Furthermore, @Michael_Pryor’s Pufferfish plugin could be interesting for you. It supports box morphing with twisted boxes and much more.


twisted_box_morph_01.gh (38.5 KB)

Note though that using meshes is much more efficient and fast than using breps, as modules to be morphed.