Point Attractor for complex geometry for clay 3d printing

Hi I have a complex geometry that I would like to print for my clay printing. I want to add some weaving patterns on the surface with point attractors. I tried to use the script from another post:

Trial.gh (21.8 KB)

However, I could not feed my brep into the flip component. I tried to first deconbstruct the brep and it does not work. I am a very beginner of grasshopper. Could anyone help?

You didn’t internalise your geometry (right-click on Brep component and select Internalise data).


Hi Kevin, thanks for ur reply.
I have just tried internalizing the brep component while it still doesn’t work. The flip component has error: 1. Data conversion failed from Curve to Surface.

Are there anything that i can do with it? Thanks!

It wasn’t intended to fix the error you’re having. You need to internalize the data before you upload your grasshopper file so people trying to help you can see the same thing you are seeing.

The error message explains what is wrong. You are feeding the Edges output (curves) of the Deconstruct Brep component into the Surface (S) input of the Flip component. Try using the Faces output (surfaces) of the Deconstruct Brep component instead.

If you’re still having problems, re-upload your grasshopper file with internalsed geometry.


Oh sorry, I didn’t notice that. IT worked for the face part! However, the outcome is a bit weird and I don’t understand what is happening.

Trial_03.3dm (1.1 MB)
Trial.gh (402.1 KB)