Plant Creation resources & or advice

Looking for advice and reference material on creating and editing plants primarily for 3D renders.

I need to create complex and accurate looking plants to suit those used in my part of the world.

I can see how to create basic plant forms using the plant editor but its the more complex forms such as “Anigozanthos spp” with its various foliage and stem types, shapes and colours.

I have absolutely no idea how this was achieved using the Lands Plant Editor. Maybe it was created using the AccuRender Plant Editor?

Again, looking for resources such as tutorials, guides or advice.

Yes, they are .ArTree files created with the AccuRender Plant Editor, which is much more powerful than the old .ArPlantX files editor. In the image you are showing a simplified version for the Rhino display. In render time you can get the fully detailed version.

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Thanks Albert,

Looks like the AccuRender Plant Editor is not that complicated to figure out.

There are a few things I still don’t understand however … Is there any documentation on how to use it?

Hi Garth,
In this page you can find some guides to use the new Plant Editor with Lands: How to create new plants with AccuRender Plant Editor? - Lands Design

And here the documentation of the Plant Editor: AccuRender Plant Editor – AccuRender Tree Editor

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