Plant Editor for Rhino


(Scott Davidson) #1

The AccuRender Plant editor is a stand alone application that allows for the creation of fractal based plant models for Rhino.

To run the Plant Editor, download and install the current version of AccuRender Studio. After installation, go to the Windows Start Menu or the Desktop and select AccuRender Plant Editor.


It does not work.

(Scott Davidson) #3

Do you mean it does not download? Or install?


It downloads and installs, but it does not work. It displays empty window. I cannot make plants inside the window. Its help does not work either.

It seems that this is a program for AutoCAD users because it uses Accurender file format.

(Roy Hirshkowitz) #5

Nope, not (just) for AutoCAD users. The File menu should be active-- select New or Open From Cloud to get started.


I uninstalled AccuRender Studio because it was not usable. When I reinstalled it a moment ago, a different program called AccuRender Plant Editor was installed. The AccuRender Plant Editor looks like the Flamingo plant plugin, and it seems to work fine. When I upgraded the Plant Editor to the latest version, the AccuRender Studio was installed again.The AccuRender Studio help still does not work. The following screenshot is from the latest version of the AccuRender Studio.

I certainly will not use the AccuRender Plant Editor because it cannot edit the ground cover. (The ground cover is more important to me than all other plants.) The AccuRender Plant Editor cannot open Flamingo plants either.

(Roy Hirshkowitz) #7

It always installs both. There should be desktop shortcuts and start menu entries for both. Ar studio can open rhino v5 files, btw, via the Create New option.This stuff is brand new. It does not edit legacy plants. It does allow you to export plants in a variety of formats including rhino, obj, etc.


Hi Scott, is the program free or you need to buy it?



(Roy Hirshkowitz) #9

Free for now-- not sure about the long term plans.