Custom Accurender Tree Crashes Lands

Hi Asuni,
I have created a custom tree file in Accurender (ARtree file). Every time I go to place this tree in the model, it crashes Rhino. How do I troubleshoot the issue?

Hi Chris,
How are you placing the tree in Rhino? Are you assigning the ArTree file to a Lands plant species, or are you inserting the 3dm file from the editor?

If you are using Lands plants, what AccuRender Studio version are you using? A good idea is to update both Lands Design and the Accurender tree editor to the latest version.

If you send the ArTree file to “” we can try to reproduce the crash and see what’s happening.

Thanks Albert,
I have created a new species in the Species Manager, assigned the custom ArTree file, and placed the tree using the LD Plant command. I am running LD version I will send the tree file through.
Kind regards