New Plant Editor

Work in progress. Creates textured mesh models of trees and plants for use in Rhino or other modelers and renderers. Includes a small, but growing, online library of plants, plus locally installed templates.

Download here if you’d like to play with it. I’m looking for feedback.

This is a standalone-- not a plugin. Download and install also includes AccuRender Studio, a standalone renderer.

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A very quick test - 2 issues:

File > New > Select Template File: pick one of the 5 templates and click the Open button. A New Plant dialog box appears where you can fill in the Name and Botanical Name of the new plant.
There is no way to exit this dialog and return to the editor other than right-clicking the New Plant entry on the Windows task bar and picking Close window (or killing it in the Windows Task Manager).

Export as 3dm file and open in the latest Rhino 6 WIP.
Wireframe and Rendered display modes are as expected but Raytraced is not - @nathanletwory?

If you could attach the file I can check

There is a known issue with Rhino 6 that has been reported. It does appear to work correctly with Rhino 5. I’ll look into the New Plant DB and see what’s up.

Not sure why the New Plant DB is doing this. I tested on a Surface Pro, Win 10, high DPI with 200% scaling and it works fine-- the OK button is visible at the bottom. What version of Windows and display characteristics (DPI, custom font sizes, etc.) do you have?

I can certainly set AutoSize for this one as well as make it sizable which should make it so you can reveal the OK button.

This may be a different issue re: material assignment by object. The Rhino Renderer issue may also exist for Rhino 5.

On my phone at the moment…
The OS is Windows 7. I normally use a dual monitor setup from my laptop and the monitors are several years old - nothing high res nor wide screen. I remember that the first time I tried it without any external screens attached.

Talking about resizing. I also noticed that the properties panel on the right side of the model window is not resizable. It doesn’t make much sense to have to scroll sideways.

Upon launch today, a new version was installed (1.00.0046) and the OK button became visible. Good.

Just to clarify the issue with resizing the panel sideways:

It should be possible to make this wider so that one doesn’t have to move the mouse pointer to the bottom to scroll to the right.

Also, the ‘layers’ part of that panel doesn’t have a scroll bar:

There are issues with the UI in AccuRender Studio as well:

Thanks-- there are obviously some layout issues with windows 7 and a non-standard font or DPI setting. I’m traveling so I’ll look at these in more detail on Monday.

There is a new version out which allows resizing. Splitter bar positions and window sizes now survive updates.

The issue I see here is that image used as transparency texture are all completely white when the alpha channel is discarded.

These images would work much better if the transparent parts are made black, even if the alpha makes it completely transparent.

edit: after more testing the following findings.

  1. for V6 materials should be created with Alpha transparency checked, since the color textures already have a good alpha channel. In other words the texture in the transparency channel isn’t needed
  2. Once I run RebuildMeshNormals the render results look pretty (together with 1) ). From Raytraced PoV this means improperly created mesh geometry.

edit2: Selecting a leaf mesh, then running Check tells that normals aren’t good, and that indeed gives big problems for Raytraced.

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Do you have a sense of what it doesn’t like about the normals? They seem (at least on first glance) to be unitized, pointing in the same direction, and one per vertex.
The thing is using the public opennurbs kit to write 3dm files-- so I’m currently using only v5 material defs etc… I can switch to v6 if the alpha transparency can’t be a default setting.

Using Check on a leaf I get:

Mesh has 30 faces where the face normal differs substantially from the vertex normals.
  Although this does not necessarily mean that the mesh is bad,
  these normals can cause problems if the ultimate goal is for rendering or boolean purposes.

Thanks. Does it want the vertex normal on the same side as the canonical face normal?

I’d expect them to be on the same side yes. They indeed look set up in a backward way:

Thanks-- easy enough to fix.

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cant download

Hi Roy, I found the downloading link has been damaged, can you check it? thanks,

Just put out a new version-- fixed the link above-- sorry for the delay.

Versión 1.0.100 has expired:


Is there a new one available somewhere?