Accurender Plants - Help

Hi Asuni,
I have some questions regarding the Accurender plants included with Lands.

  1. Is there more detailed help files that describe each of the settings? This would be very useful.
  2. Where are the image files stored for the leaf and bark textures?
  3. Is there any website where additional plants can be shared?

Hi Chris,

[2] the image files are stored inside the .ArPlantX/.ArTree files. Once you insert plants in Rhino, leaf and bark Rhino materials are created and the images files are unfolded into the following folder:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Lands\Plant Textures

They are in separate subfolders, one for each species latin name.

[1] What editor are you using? Are you creating .ArPlantX files (AccuRender nXt) or .ArTree files (AccuRender Studio)

[3] Not yet. But’s planned.

Thanks Albert,
We are using Accurender Plant Editor (.ArTree files).