Plans and sections imported to AutoCAD have too many layers

Hello. I am trying to convert a 2D file in Rhino ti proper plans and sections In CAD. The problem is that I get multiple layers of the same colour which were not there in Rhino, and some lines duplicate or worse, they appear very close to each other. All that prevents me from having control over existing layers and I end up drawing over the plans with new layers. Can you help me please?

Have you tried running the Purge command in Rhino to remove all of the unused stuff before exporting?

To be honest, I didn’t try it yet. But might it be that I imported too many layers? In fact I used “Make2D” multiple times.

I am trying to use VISUALARQ plug-in to draw plansb elevations and sections. How good is it for a bachelor student?

I have no idea. I’m not an architect and don’t use it.

I’ll move your message to the VisualARQ category so they will see it.

Hi @rhinocerosstudent,

If you have a 3D model then you can create VisualARQ plan views and section views which can be exported to dwg.
The advantage of using plan and section views is that any change on the model will be reflected in the view object if you update it.
Each geometry inside the view object will be in the same layer as the corresponding source object.
Have you tried it already? Let us know if you have any doubts.

Kind regards

Hello Ramon.
The plans came out beautifully. I would still do a few changes, but it is best I got from Rhino so far.
There is just one problem. I have a very well-performing device, yet the plugin slowed it down massively. Eventually I had to remove it and clean the disc. Really, if not for this issue I would probably buy this software.

Creating a lot of plan and section view objects can harm performance and bloat the file size.
Try to use real time views as much as possible. Unfortunately is not possible to export those to dwg but we have plans to implement this feature. We will let you know when it is available.