How to manage layers in plan views and section views?

Unfortunately, dynamic plan and section in layout still can not be exported as dwg.
I need to export plan views and section views as dwg, but they are basically block so when I import them
in AutoCAD, I’ve lost layers.
Is there any way that I can keep layers created in Rhino an Visualarq in AutoCAD?


Hi @archist97 this looks like a bug, since layer attributes should be preserved in the geometry in plan and section views.

As regards the option to export layouts to dwg, it’s a planned feature for VisualARQ 3. But we are still discussing the best way to implement it. For example, would it work for you to just export what you see in the page layout as a bunch of 2D lines that you import in the AutoCAD’s model space? (preserving layer attributes, of course).

Take a look at this discussion: VisualARQ 3 Feature Feedback: Export to AutoCAD DWG

Then, there is no way to keep layers in AutoCAD at the moment, when exporting plan and section views?


Hi, we are going to fix this as soon as possible and release a new update.
In the meantime, I can send you the last VA 2.11.3 version. I’ll do it through a PM.

It looks like 2.11.3 can not keep layers, either.
I’ve tried two methods to convert VA to dwg
Method 1) Exporting VA Plan View directly to dwg
Method 2) Printing Layout to PDF → Import PDF in Rhino File → Save as dwg
Layout to dwg - #7 by dbusmire
I could not keep layers with these 2 method.

VA Layer

Method 1

Method 2

How can I keep both parent layers and sub layers when exporting VA to dwg?

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No solution for this?

@archist97 we have fixed this error in VisualARQ 2.12.1 that we will publish some of these days.
You can download our latest internal version from this link:

Hi. Francesc.
The link does not work, but if 2.12.1 shall be released officially very soon ( in a few days?), I can wait for it.