Rhino files into 2D AutoCAD


Sorry this is a topic I know I have exhausted in my own research but my “higher-ups” are not convinced and want further research / explanation.

I have a very large, 3 GB, model with approx. 60 plus layouts, plus detail model files. ALL of the fore-mentioned files and layouts need exported from Rhino and imported in to AUTOCAD 2D. ALL of the layout detail views are generated using clipping planes (which I know will not translate into AUTOCAD). I have tried importing the .3dm file into regular AUTOCAD and generating views that way, to some success but its takes a HUGE amount of time to pull a view or detail.

What is the easiest, least time consuming, and least problematic way to do this? Is there an I/O patch or plugin from rhino to AUTOCAD? There is a rhino to solidworks and cinema 4d I/O patch.

What work flow can I use?



Personally, I would use the V6 WIP to do this.

John - How does the V6 WIP help this situation? Cheers

A lot of development work (years) has gone into the V6 DWG export tools that is not and never will be in V5.

If it were my project, that’s where I would start testing.

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