How to Keep Sub-Layers of VA Objects When Importing PDF

We’ve tried 3 methods to export our work to dwg.

  1. Export VA Plan or Section View to dwg and Opening it in AutoCAD
  2. Importing PDF printed through Rhino Layout in AutoCAD
  3. Importing PDF printed through Rhino Layout in a new Rhino file and saving it as dwg
    Method 3 is described in the thread linked below
    Layout to dwg - #8 by irgenre

Method 1 works now thanks to VA I could see sub-layers kept in AutoCAD.
The problem is that we use dynamic plan and section through layout.
When we use Method 2 or 3, only parent layers are kept and sub-layers are lost. When it comes to Method 2, we can not but import every single pdf one by one, and scale them one by one again in AutoCAD. This is crazy. That’s why Method 3 should work. Our consultant and collaborators should know which ones are structure or thermal layers or finish.

How can I keep sub-layers when exporting dwg using dynamic plan and section?


Hi @archist97,

Do you mean real-time views of the model in plan and section? Unfortunately, the resulting pdf doesn’t keep the sub-layers right now.

The only way to export the drawings to AutoCAD keeping the layers and sublayers is as you describe in method 1, by creating the 2D drawings on model space with the vaPlanView and vaSectionView.

In VisualARQ 3 we have plans to export layouts to dwg. This way you will be able to export real-time views to dwg directly. We opened a discussion about the best way to implement it, if you want to revise it or participate: VisualARQ 3 Feature Feedback: Export to AutoCAD DWG

Yes. I mean real-time plan and section and I’ve already participated the survey.
Sorry, but I feel confused a lot. If it’s not possible to keep layers through the method, I don’t understand why you recommend we should use real-time method? If it’s not possible to share layers with consultants, we should not use real-time method. We can not.

This method should keep the layer structure! doesn’t work that for you?

We recommend this option because it is the best way to produce the 2D drawings directly in Rhino, keeping your file clean and updated. But obviously, until we don’t provide the option to export layouts to dwg, you will still need the 2D plan/section views to share these drawings with others that use AutoCAD.

Method 3 does not keep sub-layers. It keeps only parent layer.
I’ve tested it with VA Does it work in your file?

I think we should not use real-time method, if it doesn’t work, because it will lead to double work…
We have to work on both creating real time view through layout and creating plan and section view.

Method 3 does not work. You can that in the video.
Layers Test

You are right, it works for geometry in blocks but not for components in VisualARQ objects. We will try to fix this. I’ll keep you posted.