Planes converted to Untrimmed Surfaces and Back Again - Change between Rhino 5 and 6

I have noticed a change in the resultant geometry produced by converting a plane into an untrimmed surface and then converting it back into a plane in grasshopper between Rhino 5 and 6.
I use this conversion frequently as it allows parameter keys and values to be applied to “planes”. Most commonly I am assigning the “plane” a name.

Previously in Rhino 5 if a plane was connected into a surface component the result was a 1x1 untrimmed surface oriented the XY plane of the input Plane. Then when then surface was connected into a component calling for a plane, the surface would correlate to the initial plane.

In Rhino 6 this no longer works without a transformation applied to the interim untrimmed surface.

I’m wondering if this is an intended change and or might be returned to the Rhino 5 behavior?

Plane to surface to plane (7.3 KB)