Grasshopper to Rhino

Hi! I’m a newbie on here!
I’m trying to edit an old Grasshopper file on which someone has been working before but the geometry doesn’t display on Rhino as I open it. I read that I should bake it but it either doesn’t work or I am doing it the wrong way.
How can I solve the issue? Thanks!

Post your file !

This is one of the files, but it’s also happening with many others. They’re from 2012
/13, are they maybe too old for this?

What i see here i that your surface and geometry(Orange ones) are empty it was not internalized, you need to open the grasshopper file with the original rhino file.

Unfortunately I don’t have any original Rhino files, just the grasshopper ones. It’s better if I draw it again from scratch if there is no way to fix it, isn’t it?

yes you just need to redraw the surface right click on the surface component set new surface and the geometry that you are morphing!