Planes 3D orientation

Hi Everyone

I am enhancing my GH skills and curious to learn how to rotated and align planes on given point. planes should be align both ways along horizontal curve and along slope as well.
@Joseph_Oster , @HS_Kim have done great help earlier. Thanks very much.
kindly take a look and advice.
Thanks very much.
Muhammad Ismail

Sloped wall.3dm (33.6 KB)
Sloped (1.7 KB)

Sloped (9.9 KB)

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Thanks. @HS_Kim. :+1:
That helped alot.

It’s slightly more complicated when the curve/wall is not horizontal, as it was in at least three prior threads on this subject. I suggest that you look again more carefully at previous posts, like this one:

See white group:

Thanks @Joseph_Oster for Highlighting. :smiley: