Align planes to lines

I’m trying to correspond the planes to the line but I cant, Rotate 3d seems align some planes but does not match at all (11.9 KB)

Like this? (11.8 KB)

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Yes master, you are the grasshopper Gurú!:love_you_gesture:

Fail Attempt - Without the (12.1 KB)

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Nice try but does not work in some lines

Then, the solution is with the surface - HS_Kim, all other solutions would depend on the position of the lines to the plane of origin (0,0,0), so that the planes can’t be aligned in that way and take care of the rotation at the same time without normals

maybe this? (x axis is aligned with lines and y axis with tangent of ‘flowing’ curve…
if you want the planes to be more aligned to the ‘flowing’ curve, just feed Z to Y and T to X (X axis takes precedence to Y) (10.6 KB)

Always is good take a look into different ways to get a result but the solution of @HS_Kim works perfect Thanks guys.

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He is a real Guru! I don’t know the guy but he has tought me more than any teacher I’ve ever had!

Yeah, He deserve something from all the community, always helping us I hope in some way someday I get him back the help or support.

Agree !!!

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