Point list Splitting

Hi All

I am trying to split lines that intersecting solid at bottom on top.
i have 2 rows of points in one single group and i want them to split into 2 groups. Top row and bottom row.
Thanks for you help.
wall (2).gh (41.1 KB)

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Walls.3dm (3.4 MB)


This geometry looks very familiar:

I guess we’re supposed to ignore three duplicates of the first group of code in your GH file?

Hi Joseph.
you are right. i am currently working out with different approach and with simple way instead turning around same data. I am sorry i am not expert kind person. but instead looking for simple approach.
attached is file.
wall (2).gh (17.1 KB)

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wall_re.gh (767.8 KB)

Wow. KIM Thats very nice solution.

Many Thanks.

Messy code is hard to understand, esp. when most of it needs to be ignored.

So I ignored all of it and took a different approach. I’m sure I missed some things because there are exposed bolts in the results, though this might easily be fixed by changing the Orient ‘Source’ plane’s position relative to the post bracket geometry.

posts_2021Dec23a.gh (27.7 KB)

Thanks Joseph.
i am sorry for mess. But big Thanks for your help.

Have Great day.