Align planes on Surface to make position for Base plate

Hello everyone.

i would like to get your experience and knowledge
Plates along Wall.3dm (12.8 MB)
on the task as i am trying to fix planes on sloped surface on give points so i can fix post on them.
please have a look and Thanks in Advance.
M.ismail (27.5 KB)

I looked but found your GH code to be nearly incomprehensible, which is remarkable since there are not many components. Some aren’t being used which only makes it harder. Also, your points are extremely far from the origin, especially in the Y direction.

Example: {331097.310859, 6.2445e+6, 1.169436}

My changes are confined to the white group. (35.0 KB) (9.9 KB)
Thanks MR Joseph. Its nice to see you Again here and happy with your swift Response for issue.
It been long time since not used GH. So kind of trouble.
I take a look but found some plates panetrates through surface but that might be because of plates
But the point spacing along lines are fine and in Elevation they or to be fixed as per sketch shown.
Thanks very Much again for your time and helps.
In Attached files only one curve that is base line and points that location base plates in given surface on file.
Have Good Day.

Plates along Wall.3dm (14.3 MB)

I’m not going to look again, sorry. In GH, I used the ‘Edit | Modify Selection | Grow Upstream’ feature to isolate the components being used and purge the rest. Keep it simple! (28.9 KB)

Thanks very much.