Aligning Planes

Hi Everyone
Can someone help me to align planes with short short lines showing on slope in attached file.

Best Regards
Walls.3dm (364.6 KB) (10.1 KB)

Like so? (14.4 KB)

Thanks Bro.
just need to be rotate on slope as well.
Regards (16.0 KB)

Something like this.


Please provide better information.

Plane perpendicular to what?

Plane X axis aligned with?

Planes perpendicular to the short curve?

Or is the short curve your plane X axis?

short lines are slope so plane also needed to be on slope as showing in sketch. So align not perpandicular.

the planes should be align on both directions. longitudinal and transverse.

Plane X axis aligned to what? (17.1 KB)

Ya… you Did it.
Thanks very Much.

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