Creating a solid from two surfaces

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Pretty new to rhino. I am trying to connect two surfaces to create one solid. All the usual commands don’t seem to work. What Am I missing.

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Hi Theu - a loft between the pairs of edges ought to work OK - it delends if the surface edges are clean or broken up, but that would be where I’d start. Feel free to post the file.

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Bin lid mold.3dm (58.2 KB)

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Yeah I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I have tried the loft in several different iterations and surface to surface extrusion etc. but I think its because they are not flat planar surfaces I am not able to do it

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Yeah, I’m not sure but I don’t think you can “loft two surfaces together into a solid” per say. Maybe someone could do that with GH or something.

But yes the ‘non-planar’ characteristic is probably what’s throwing you off a bit.

However, as Pascal has stated, you probably need to build something from the outer frame work and maybe loft that or network something – I’d say.

Your vertices look to be very well lined up, so that’s good:

I wish the developers would fixed the grid bug.

This slightly more organic isocurve surface seems to be microscopically not cut to the lower cplane.

I reduced the file tolerance to 0.001", and would probably retrim or rework that surface slightly to see if it will cap the bottom of the solid or succeed with a planar srf.

After retrimming your original srfs to the XY-plane, I was able to get a successfull planarsrf off those 2 bottom edges and their correlative vertices etc:

The correction here, might also make those crvs more loft-frendly. Idk, I’m not really a fan of lofting lol.

So, here’s my attempt:

I basically planarsrf’ed all the planar-like srfs, and then netwrksrf’ed the upper srf for fun cause I like netwrksrf-ing stuff.

Something was off still about the upper edges, so I just matched them after to make it water-tight.

Bin lid mold_emod.3dm (171.4 KB)

Thanks for trying lol

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I don’t know how much you know about Rhino so I’ll be very specific in my explanation just to make sure I’ve covered everything, at the risk of sounding patronizing but that’s not my intention.

So when trying to loft with the curves provided, the command gives the error: “Unable to loft - select either open or closed curves, but not both.”

You can see which curve is open or closed in the properties menu

Using show ends on the selected curve, you can see where it’s open

However, instead of trying to fix the ends of that curve, I’ve just gone with the safe option and deleted those curves, then duplicated the surface edges since those must be closed since they’re what’s used to trim the surface.

Then lofting the new closed curves works out:

My file (original curves are hidden)
Bin lid mold.3dm (185.2 KB)

not patronizing at all. I have been teaching myself for the last couple of weeks to use rhino and I am so green and get bogged down with simple issues because of my lack of knowledge and experience. I really appreciate this forum for its patience with newcomers.

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The main thing you are doing wrong is that your tolerance is too loose for the size of the features you are trying to model. The loose tolerance alone could explain how you got to where you are.

In general, the easiest way to tackle the making of this model would be to make the middle part as an extrusion. Then you have 3 intersecting bodies like this:
Binx.3dm (79.9 KB)

Then select all 3 parts and run the trim command and click on the parts you want removed and after you complete the Trim operation hit the join button and you are done.

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Thanks so much.

thanks so much

I changed my tolerances, but will need to go and leanr more about tolerances and units i choose for files i think