Planarized hexagon with smooth edge

Good morning.
I want to make Planarize Hexagon like this photo.
Does anybody have idea to do this?

Connecting edge might be smooth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Those hexagons don’t look flat to me.
What is it you are actually trying to do? a bit more detail would help.

Thank you Daniel
I want to make this kind of shape from surface.

Used LunchBox Hexagon Cells

And Calcuated to be planar

But there are gaps so I can’t connect.
Filnally I want to make fillet to Edges , so I want to connect roughly.

Please Help!

By merging point, wire was made.
But this hexagon is not planar so I can’t make surface.
But I don’t want exact plane, Roughly planar and Edge fillet is needed.

You forgot to post your GH code (with internalized geometry, if necessary). Not that I would know what to do with it in this case, just saying…

I’m pretty sure the nature of that surface means that it’s geometrically impossible to planarize the hexagons and also have the edges match up. Concave or convex works. Both does not. And this looks like both.

If you’re just after that look of the smooth hexagons with softened boundaries between them you can do it like this: (11.1 KB)


I’m sorry Joseph.
File attached. (23.4 KB)

Thank you so much Daniel.
Almost What I want !.

I just understand Python , I will try to undeestand C# next step

really nice @DanielPiker! Can Bevel SubD be used on this? or there is any other bevel tool for meshes that work with a list of edges?

Interesting idea, I hadn’t thought of combining this with SubD.
Here a sort of bevel of this (78.5 KB)

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