Planarize Custom Hexa-pentagon grid


I have a grid of hexagons and pentagons achieved thru Weaverbird’s Dual Graph.
I need to prefabricate this in the future, so I have to make them planarized.
How can I achieve planarization with such shape?

I have researched quiet a bit on old and new forums, tried Kangaroo2 and 0.99.
But still cannot achieve a legit result.
Can anyone suggest me something?

Thank you people! (52.9 KB)

Are you certain it’s geometrically possible to planarize all of those hexagons without getting messy non-convex hexagons as a result?

A while ago I saw a pretty well checked definition that’s supposed to this, but it’s sample was a relatively simple convex surface and if I input anything significantly more dramatic, it glitched out and made polyline spaghetti.

Wow… Thanks for telling that! Perhaps you saved me a lot of wasted working hours in the future %)

It’s possible I’m wrong.

have you tried rebuilding the UV of that horn-shaped surface, using the “uniform” option of the command?

Right now the cells are generated by a random point population… How could UV help me?

Missed that part. Thought it was a regular hex grid.

All I know is that when I tried this with a loft that recurved from convex to concave, it made less of a mess after I evened out the UV, with wasn’t very uniform.

Could you please elaborate on the process?

Negative Gaussian curvature of a surface when tiled by planar polygons, with 3 meeting at each vertex isn’t possible without some of the polygons becoming concave.


Good afternoon Daniel,
I am trying to create planar panels using a custom grid, exactly like the MAAT museum
I have seen almost all of the threads and I cant seem to figure it out
MAAT Surface.3dm (165.6 KB)

The main goal is to have a majority of identical panels, and visually verify how many types of panels we have, and ultimately try to optimize it.

Would love if you had any insights!