Handling Mesh Data Structure to Create Planar Hexagons


I’m trying to create planar hexagons on this complex doubly curved mesh. I want to do Tangent Plane Intersection as well as the Strip Method from Quads but the problem is handling data in a Mesh is very difficult as compared to surface because you cant select all the points in either U or V direction and do other operations like relative item, shift list etc.

The points on the Mesh are quite randomly located and I have no clue how to get them in some sort of order. I tried several approaches on a micro level but could not achieve results on the overall mesh. The hexagons in the attached photos are from the dual mesh of TriRemesh component but are not flat and technically the hexagons should be concave on the negative curvature and convex on the positive curvature.

Can anyone please help?

Mesh ghdata file

Thanks for sharing the link to another related post but the definitions in the link start from a set of Curves and not the mesh. That’s exactly where the difficult part is. I don’t have a base surface or a set of curves to work on. I only have a mesh surface to begin with. I have attached a link to the ghdata file.

PlanarHex.gh (388.4 KB)

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Thanks a lot Mahdiyar! that was very helpful. Is there a way I could achieve planar hexagons using the tangent plane intersection method. I tried to do it using circles but don’t know how to get them to intersect.