How can I make this voronoi texture more spherical?

Hello everyone!

So I’m trying to make this texture on a cylinder

So far what I’ve achieved is the below

I did this using a populate geometry and a 3d voronoi then getting the center of each voronoi face and creating sphere at those points. Finally I get the difference between the cylinder and the spheres. If you guys have a better way of doing (since the process of creating spheres at the points take quite a while) this would also love to know about them.

I have 2 more things I would like to achieve.

  1. Make the texture more spherical like the reference
  2. Get the edges of the textures to be more rounded also like the reference.

Note: I’m using Mac so a lot of plugins are not supported. I only have WB and K2 so I would greatly appreciate if you can give me a solution using only those plugins.

Try this: (6.7 KB)
it uses the same script I posted here

Hey! Thank you so much for this really appreciate although this addresses both of my request but it makes the texture lose the hollow sphere. Not sure if I’m making sense but have a look here at this quick drawing of the side view of the texture.

The script you shared looks more like the one on the right. I want to maintain the inside curve of the texture.

Also is there a way I can add more variety in terms of size?

Did you try script in theses links ? I understand that you don’t want plugin in that case you will have to do the plugin by yourself, because some of the plugin are hard to replace