Generate movable points in rhino

Can points be generated with a grasshopper function and have them have the ability to move with the mouse in the rhino workspace without doing a bake? That is, do an operation contrary to get points.

Yes, create the point in Rhino. Then, right click on the point param in Grasshopper then use SElect one Point, select that point. Now that point can be moved around and grasshopper will update.

Thanks, but I already know that procedure, I was referring to creating a point in the grasshopper worskapce without previously creating it in rhino, and then that point can be moved with the mouse in the rhino environment

GumballGH.gha (53.5 KB)
This is what you are looking for, I guess.

Do the same @scottd suggests, but without creating the point in Rhino first, just grab a point component in GH, set a point (which you specify in the Rhino environment anyway), which will be internalized automatically and therefore movable in Rhino (if it’s highlighted/selected in the GH canvas) without it being ‘physically’ present in the viewport.


You can use elefront to bake the points and return the guid of the baked points, which returns the points into grasshopper as new objects,

In Rhino 8 the new datatypes can do some of the Objects with attributes and track the “baking”. So Grasshopper can keep track of it.

Then those can be brought back into Grasshopper as new objects.

Similar to Elefront in some ways.

ok, thanks I’ll try it