Gumball Grid doesn't work to move Point after


There are a few things going on here, so please walk through the following steps.

  1. Open file and Bake POINT component in GH.
  2. Right-click on POINT component and SELECT ONE POINT (the point you just baked).

Issue 1 - If you select this point in Rhino now, you can move the gumball associated with the point, but only the gumball moves; it’s not connected to the point. In order to move the point in Rhino, you have to click on the POINT component in GH so it turns green (if component is gray it doesn’t work).

Issue 2 - When the POINT component in GH is green, you can move the point around in Rhino by dragging the point or by dragging the red/green gumball arrows. However, the gumball grid doesn’t work to move the point.

Based on other posts, this looks like a glitch but wanted to provide you with more information.

Also - if I have a pattern of circles that I like, what is the best way to export to Illustrator? Is this possible?

I am using V7 on a PC. (12.5 KB)

once you have baked your point:

right click on Point component → Set one Point

then in the Rhinoceros command-line you will see the options:

if you click on the current option (in my case Coordinate) it will show you the other available reference options, which are:

Coordinate: reference the xyz coordinate of a point (you can click on an existing Rhino object Point, but you will only store its coordinates in that moment, not the point object itself → so if you move it in Rhino, it will not be linked to Grasshopper, and when you select the Point container in GH (green) it will show you the arrows in the Rhino window that will allow you to update its coordinates)

Point: you actually reference the Rhinoceros object Point you click on → if you move that point in the Rhino viewport then Grasshopper will also auto-update to reflect that → if in GH you click on the Point, the arrows will not appear, because that point can only be moved inside the Rhino viewport)

Curve: will allow you to set a Point that will stay on a curve, at a specific distance / ratio, and if you move/change the curve, the point will update according to the method you have set (the point will be generated over the curve similar to Evaluate Length in GH)


long story short :slight_smile: if you want to be able to manually move your point in Rhino and have its new position always be updated in GH, then after right click on Point component → Set one point-> [Rhino command line] Type: Point → click on your point on the Rhino canvas :+1:

best way to export to Illustrator (I have used it a couple of times) is to export as Illustrator File .ai

Inno - Remarkable!

So not a glitch at all. I am just very much a noob. Thank you for taking the time to reply in detail and for pointing out the Rhino options in the command line - that fixed it!! Also thank you for your tip to export to Illustrator too :wink:


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