Texturing a surface problem


I learned how to texture a planar surface but the problem is that when applaing a texture, the image always get distorted and never has its original shape (width to hight ratio). How to preserve this so that the image doesnt get streched?


Hi Mario,
use shift when positioning planar mapping to do that.
No, sorry it works only for the same width and height size textures.


Dont understand.
Can you please explain.


Sorry Mario my fault, I thought you were talking about the planar mapping widget.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Mario - use planar mapping- default is to use Surface UV mapping and you’d need to impose a planar map on the object- you can set the projecting plane to have any aspect ratio. See Object Properties, Mapping page for the plane. There are several mapping types available.

Does that help at all?



yeap thats it.thanx a lot