Dimension text alignment, one thing

I use ‘In dimension line’. But when the dimension is smaller than the text, the text ought to go outside the dimension lines, as AutoCAD does. Is there a setting to effect this in Rhino?

Hi Don,

Turn control points on for your dimension, grab the center one and move it about as you like.

I actually prefer this method, as I am inclined to perfect the look of each dimension individually anyway - perfectionism.

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I another problem regarding dimension text alignment. The figure speaks for itself…

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Try that with a thousand of dimensions and a close deadline, then write back.

Didn’t work…

I had to do 100% manual labour to achieve the desired result. I even had to draw the dimension lines as Rhino won’t allow me to put a blank string in text override window.

Rhino is crap when it comes to dimensions. I have read lot of issues with dimensions in the forum, so when is a patch coming out to solve these issues??? Or are these expected behaviours “new features” in Rhino 6? dah… disappointing… Obviously the Rhino development team have not tested do a practical technical drawing… just a bunch of programmers and mathematicians

Hi Don - V6/WIP gets this right - please give that a spin and see how it works for you.


Awesome Pascal !

Here is an example of dimension styles that I use.
It is a combination of a preset dimension style, overlaid text for the tolerances - as I insist on a smaller font - and an overlaid SPC numeral for inspection notation.

I will tinker with the V6 dimension styles and see how much of this has been automated, and how much I still need to do manually.