How to alter dimension number and arrow positions?

Q1.what makes the arrows instead point inwards as my item is too narrow for outward pointing ones,
Q2. how does one move the numbers off to one side , either left or right of arrows mid point as sitting on an object sometimes obscures them,. I double click the dimension and shift the <> using space to the right but that doesnt do it.
I do know how to add extra text, type to right of the <>.
Q3. As I have inch then [inch fraction] I could do with inch dec above the [ inch fraction] then the arrow line under that where display space is tricky.
Q4. or sometimes arrow line above the text, so its inch dec then [inch fract] below the arrow line.

How are these done in V5 ?


…anyone please must get plans off and cannot get dims in place !

then I can get win7 to win10 and get v7 installed.


Hi Steve - turning on dimension control points will let you move stuff around.


I see no control points for the characters, just the arrows and lines, they dont have any effect on placement of the dims characters relative to the arrows.

If I select the mid point between two arrows and hit left arrow key I get inward pointing arrows…that problem is solved, looks better on narrow parts. :smiley:

If I want the text at right angles to the arrows, no way found.:frowning:.

Numbers to right of centre, I have now discovered place a few spaces to right of <> AND ADD A FULL STOP, then they can be moved, though a dot appears off to right, so a bit messy.:frowning:.

Numbers to left of centre, place a few spaces before <> and adjust number of spaces to suit.

To get inches imperial above [inches fractional] or perhaps cm above inches, no way found.:frowning:.

arrows above the text, maybe offset and a minus figure doesnt work, so no way found. :frowning:.