Placing a truncated cone on top of the curve

I want to place the truncated cones on the drawn curve as in the rhino. but I don’t know how to give that slope. I’m having a problem because it always puts the truncated cones side by side from the fixed point.

It’s better if you share your script.
You can use Truncated Cone from Fennec addon

Please describe more the problem.
You want the cones to touch each other like in the picture?
If so, the curvature the will create is sort of fixed…

Give more information…

yes i want to combine it as it shows in the picture and bevel that way. In fact, I want to obtain a macroform with this combination technique, as I have shared in the appendix.To summarize, I want to combine the truncated cones side by side to give that slope thanks to their geometry. This way I will get the macroform I want. Can you help me on how to do it?
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Maybe I lacks imagination, but I’m not understanding how/what you are describing…
Can you sketch how your 20cm long truncated cones would “pile up” to make the wall? just a draft on paper…

Flow with the “rigid” option on.

I hope that has been revealing

Can you show me a small example of how to integrate this

Are you wanting the cones to take the shape of your “general macroform”?

yes, ı want to achieve general macroform with the cones.

Ah, I see. You’ll want to use the FlowAlongSurface Command.

Rhino Tutorial : Flow along surface - YouTube

Note: You may have to play with the U/Vs of the surface to get the desired result.

How can FlowAlongSurface be used so that the surface of each cone is tangent to the adjacent cone?

You would need to lay them out tangent on your starting surface and make sure the length of the bottom edge of your base surface and target surface are the same in order to avoid distortions on the X/Y axis. (i’m assuming we only want the cones to stretch in Z)

My understanding is the original poster does not want the cones to stretch or otherwise distort.

If this is the case you would just use the “rigid” option.

That does not keep each cone tangent to the adjacent cones.

Perhaps you could provide a simple example of how FlowAlongSrf could be used with the objects of the original poster.

Tangent at the bottom edge or completely tangent? The later would be impossible without a stretch as the tangency creates an arced shape on its own. I guess I’m not understanding what we are trying to achieve?

My understanding is the cones can slide relative to each other. The edges of the bottoms do not have to stay aligned. If the bottom edges need to stay aligned then the compatible shape of the curve is limited.

I am not certain the request by the original poster is “well formulated” to use a math term.

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