Tangent surface help

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It’s been a while, I hope everyone is well. I had a bit of modeling I was getting stuck on, and thought that perhaps someone would have a better idea than me. In the attached, the surfaces are pretty much my givens. I have a flat surface in the model which needs to stay that width. then I have several pipe looking surfaces (they are actually extrusions as revolves). What I am trying to do is get a surface strung between the pipes, the red curves I hope give an indication of what I’m after. I feel like I need some form of a tangent loft. Any ideas?

I achieved an OK placeholder (which I didn’t include in the model because because I was hoping you might have fresher eyes if you didn’t see my less than optimal result) in there by cutting a bunch of sections and then using Line Tangent, then lofting the result, duping its edge, and pulling that back to the starting pipe like surfaces.

Anyway, here is the model, thanks for taking a look! Again, I hope all are well, sorry I have been scarce around here (even when modeling in Rhino all day everyday), life just seems to always have other ideas as to where I should be spending my time.

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MagicTangentSurfaceNeeded.3dm (314.3 KB)

I would extract isocurves at the end of the red lines and loft

That would be how I would start to do it also. I would then just replace the 1" and 3" pipes with fillets.

MagicTangentx.3dm (381.5 KB)
in the file:
Fillets are magenta. Sections curves are blue. Tangent lines cyan

Another possible solution might be to make a surface from the center curves of the 2 pipes and then use VariableOffsetSrf to create the surface you need

Depending on your design intent, a FilletSrf between the two pipes could also be an option

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Replacing the pipes with fillets is a cleaner idea than what I was doing, and I think I’ll land on that.

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