Problems projecting closed curve mesh onto curved polysurface

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to project a mesh of closed curves onto a curved polysurface, as shown below. With this, I am aiming to make holes in the curved polysurface to create a mesh like form.

The surface below the circles is a smashed version of the curved curtain like shape i have to the right, and I have attempted to use flowalongsrf, applycrv, and project to get the circles onto the shape, but it doesn’t work the way I want it to. Flow along surface results in overlapping circles with rigid on or distorted circles without rigid on, Apply curve heavily distorts the circles, and project doesn’t achieve anything.

I am running out of ideas, and was wondering if anyone knew how I could get around this and get the circles to project properly onto the curved shape without distortion?

Thanks in advance,
Jamie M

Attached below is my rhino file.
mesh curves.3dm (3.6 MB)

hi Jamie, you have to rebuild the wrapped surface. first explode it delete all surface besides the inner one which touches the cylinder and rebuild it to a higher amount of points, i used degree 3 in both directions and something like (U) 100 by (V) 300 points, then unroll this surface and extrude those cirlces (better this way otherwise you have to loft the flowed circles with offsetnormal wich is more work) it then applies them properly.

there is still some natural stretching along the folds of course but they do not overstretch anymore. then you offset the surface again outwards to the same thickness and use booelean difference.

ps: i actually just offset the surface randomly. you may have to repeat it if yo need the same thickness. boolean difference took me a few minutes so you might have to be patient depending on the age of your machine. (15.6 MB)