Place camera

Is there an option in Rhino 5 to place the camera inside a 3D room drawing like in 3D max ?

I’m not familiar with 3D Max so you should probably tell us a bit more about what you want to do.
You can place your camera wherever you want, though, and can more easily see where it is when you run the Camera command (you will see a camera widget in the other viewports).

Hi @rachelre,

in perspective viewport press F6 (this is a toggle shortcut for the camera repressing it will make it hidden)
now you should be able to see the camera. (from other viewports)
adjust your camera position, lens, tilt …
and “namedview” is where you can save these options. in Rhino you dont have multiple cameras but multiple camera locations.


Hi Rachel- use NamedViews, and once you save a view you can right click on the view in the panel and choose ‘Show named view widget’. Then you can manipulate the widget either directly or by turning on its control points. Does that do anything like what you want?


Thank you all for your help. What I wanted to do is for example to make 3D drawing of one room in an appartment plan, with floor, walls, ceiling, windows, doors, furniture, etc… and then to place the camera as if I stand inside the room … I find a link to show what I mean… for example:

Hi Rachel - see if this helps -


OH, this is GREAT. this is the exact thing !!! Thank you soooo much !!

Hi Pascal
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OH… It really doesn’t work :unamused:
I will be glad to see it again.
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Thanks, It was useful :+1:

I am not sure that this is the same, but this is good as well.
Thank you very much

I also need to ask same thing.
I am about to need something similar if not the same.

Can the view make it feel as if one is really in that room ?
my need is this:-
Having drawn a house in Rhino at full scale, I need to create a still image of the view from the upstairs window, also from the downstairs patio outside the back door, and from the garden , all out across the land at the rear of the house, land terrain is also modelled in 3D in rhino .

What procedure would that be ? Can I make the view to mimick a 50mm focal length full frame camera (= normal vision) ?

How would I light the scene for sunlight ?


A lot has been written on this already here on Discourse:

Have you tried turning on the sun?