Can I use camera feature in V5 like in 3dmax?

I am an archtiect and use rhino extensively for my design practice. Recently I noticed there is camera feature in Rhino v5. After testing it awhile, I felt I still can’t use it freely like in reality. Let us say I want to put my camera in somewhere of the plan, but I can’t do it.

Did I use the right approach? Or any other alternative methods?

Thanks a lot in advance for your suggestion.

I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve (I’ve never used 3d Max) and I don’t know which approach you have used.

The camera is just a graphical representation of the ‘eye’ that looks into a specific viewport. You are an experienced rhino user and thus it’s probably easier for you to set the view the regular way using the mouse in the viewport. Going back to a saved camera is then just a matter of saving a named view.

You can specify camera lens lenght and location (with coordinates or picking a point) along with target location in the properties panel (with no object selected). Use F6 to show camera in current viewport.

there are two types of camera widgets in Rhino, and here is where confusion starts (at least for me). Open Named views panel and use create using widget (small cross pointer button). In this way you can put the camera widget in the scene where you want. Select the named view thumbnail and go all the way to the bottom of this panel and check Show named view widget. Now press F6 and you have 2 different widgets visible. If you double click the thumbnail to enter the view and after you decide to delete it from the named views panel will remain still active in the viewport…

thanks, I am trying it. Does it mean we could only set one camera?

Also, if I go with the following: View > set camera > place camera and target, it looks I could set a camera in any location I want. What do you think?

There is always only one camera per viewport but you can place it in any location. If you want to save a particular camera, use Named Views.