Create Camera from View in Rhino 6

Just started using the new Rhino 6. I love it but I can’t find where the equivalent of ‘create camera from viewport’ is. I also cannot seem to delete a camera once it has been created (only turn on/off visibility of the camera). I also haven’t figured out how to see through the camera itself. Suggestions?

Hello - are you looking for the NamedView command, maybe?


Hi Pascal-
Thank you for the reply. No, ‘named view’ just let’s me access previous views I have established, not cameras. In the previous Rhino versions I was able to set-up a camera that exactly matched the viewport where I established it (same camera location, target location, lens, etc.). That was helpful because if I had multiple schemes to show from the exact same perspective, I could just space each scheme 100’ apart and then move or copy the camera 100’ to the equivalent view in the alternate scheme. In. Rhino 6 I am having trouble even seeing through a camera that I create. It doesn’t show up in ‘named views’ window.

Hello - namedView lets you save or create views - check the context menu (RMB) or the icons at the top of the NamedView panel - anything you like there?



I’ll dig a bit further but I don’t see anything showing me how to actually use the camera to see a view. Thanks for the suggestions.