Pipe Tool and Erratic Behaviour


(Bear in mind that I’m not an expert user so my approach may be wrong!)

I have a curve that I want to create a cylinder from (dia 15mm with a thickness of 1mm) and then an inner solid cylinder of 13 mm.

To do this I’m using the pipe command, parameters start/end first Diameter 15, start/end second Diameter 14 and Thick=Yes). Then I create an inner solid cylinder with a diameter of 13mm (cap=flat). Now first time it creates the cylinder perfectly, but if I delete and recreate then it creates a kink on the pipe - it seems odd as I would expect the behaviour to be consistent. I can’t seem to get it to work consistently. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Version 5 SR12 64 bit on Windows 7

Neon Curve.3dm (5.5 MB)

Hi Rachel - it’s nothing you are doing wrong, it’s Rhino not liking some curve setups for Sweep1 and Pipes - it seems especially when they make U turns 90 degree turns in two planes like this. Try setting the command line option for FitRail=Yes rather then No.